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How to choose your right foundation .

Each one of us is classified as having a light, medium, or dark skin tone.


One way you can choose the right color of foundation is to go to the cosmetics counter of either a drug store or department store. Make sure you go without any makeup on.
Also ,don’t listen to the shop assistant to check your foundation color on back of your hand as is so wrong. And the back of your hand is always different color then your face.


Tip or Choosing the Right Color of Foundation:


Find one that looks like it is close to your skin color
. Apply the foundation color on your fingers before.


. Apply it near your jaw line on your face. around 3-4 foundation line is the best to see your perfect match.
.Wait a few minutes.
.Go outside if you can and take a look at yourself.


Does it look like it one of the color been disappearing ??
If so, you have found your ideal color. If not, try another one.


The light in the department stores and the drug stores are usually very unflattering. This is because many of them use fluorescent lighting, which is unnatural and won’t give you the full affect you need to determine if it matches your skin.


This is why it is recommended to use natural light as the source for determining if the foundation you have chosen will be a match to skin.


- Another Foundation Tip


If after numerous trials and you have tried at least 5 or more and still can’t find one, then think about purchasing two to blend together.


Most of us will not find the ideal color, especially if we have an uneven skin tone, scars or birth marks. Buying two foundations gives you more variety.


Since many of us tend to get darker in the summer, we can use the darker one for the warmer months, and the lighter colored foundation during the winter months. It’s a win, win situation.


For the other months, you can blend both of them together to give you your own personalized foundation color that perfectly matches your skin tone.

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​Red lipstick for glamorous night out! 

Get your pout ready for spring with bright red lips. Red lipstick isn't just a look for red carpet celebrities. “It’s a timeless classic and suits everyone,” also is confidence and classic look.

Pale skinned women should go for a red lipstick shade which has a blue or brown undertone.
I personally love Mac cosmetic Ruby Woo Red matte lipstick, long wear and will stay for very long hours.
Before applying the lipstick make sure you condition the lips also using lip liner for definition on the lips and long lasting effects is beneficial.
Lip line color bit lighter or same color as your lipstick.

If you have a dark skin tone you want to look for a shade of red that is going to pop out against your skin. To achieve that look try deep reds that are very warm. Anything with a berry to a cranberry undertone is perfect. Try lipsticks with shine to make them stand out even more from your darker skin tone.I personally adore Armani red lipstick 400 
For affordable budget Rimmel 111 kiss of life is beautiful shade. 

Avoid red shades that are darker, they will blend in too much with your skin and any attempt you were trying to make at red lips is lost. Also remember that any lipsticks you can find that use blue pigments in them will have an immediate teeth whitening effect.

For Medium Skin Tones- Caramel to Olive
Two things to remember if you have a medium skin tone. Berry and brown tones are your friend, and watch out for reds with orange tones in them. Like the shades that look good on dark skin tones, you want to find a red that is brighter, so berry and anything cherry red looks great.

For those with olive skin, avoid orange tones in your lipstick.
Hope you find it useful

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Makeup tips for makeup to last all day!
Posted on March 1, 2013

To make your makeup last all day use a moisturizer first on cleansed skin. A face primer is key to having make up that stays the whole day. Almost every single brand has a primer from low prices to high end, so depending on your budget you can choose the brand that suits you.

A primer smooths fine lines, open pores and prepares the skin for the perfect “canvas”. A make up primer most likely contains waxes and silicones. These ingredients can form a bond with other products, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise. This means that your foundation will stay put all day.

The same goes with lip primers. It creates a base for lip colour for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day.

Blotting papers are also fantastic for any excess shine throughout the day if you do not like the “powdered look”.

Blotting powder is also great for keeping your make up in place for many hours, but do not over do it. You want your skin to look like it’s breathing, so do not put too mach powder throughout the day.


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